Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A practically perfect day

Today started off right with a full Scottish breakfast with K and D.  Not pictured: oatmeal with Glayva.  Yes, the Scots put a dash of whiskey on their oatmeal, at least on holidays.

Then, an outing with Z!  She can still fit in the tiny dinosaur at Nike Park.

Z was brave and joined aunties on an expedition in the wilderness portion of Nike Park.  We did not encounter any sleeping tigers but we had a plan in case we did.

Lunch followed at Dairy Queen.

And then, Zizi's favorite rides at Crossroads.
Zizi was super excited to find a question mark on the Crossroads map.  She was determined to find the question mark in the Mall and was a bit disappointed when all we found was the information desk.

Z drew a girl with long hair and wrote Zizi!

It was a great day.


Miss Nobody said...

Oh, yes it was. Yes. It. Was.

poodletail said...

Aunties, wilderness hiking, DQ for lunch - I'll say it was a fantastic day!