Thursday, August 11, 2016

Olympic art project

This year's Choir Camp art project is complete!


joannamauselina said...

Choir camp looks so fun! I wish I could have participated when that age. I only got to go to summer catechism, and that was not very fun at all. But Brownie Day camp was, except for a bad little girl who stabbed me in the knee with a pencil. The bit of lead was there for years, or maybe it was only a pencil tattoo which looked like the real thing. It's finally gone.

Smith clan said...

I'm with Joanna; I wish I could have participated in Choir Camp too! (Sorry, to hear about that pencil stabbing incident, Joanna! Christina was once knocked over the head by a boy with a can of Campbell's Soup!)

As for that Olympic art project, we think C&M deserve a gold medal for not only coming up with that wonderful Choir Camp project but for ALL that they do day in and out...thank you!! xx