Saturday, July 23, 2016

Vashon Day

Ever since my friend and colleague Andrew moved to Vashon, I have been curious to see it. Yesterday was the day! We went to Mass at St John Vianney.

A large and really nice icon, installed just last year.

We went to Quartermaster Harbor and turned over rocks in search of crabs.

Found some! These are very tiny crabs in Miriam's tiny hand.

A natural history lesson from two young marine biologists.

Even I know what this creature is called:

Treasures from the muck.

The bell from the old dry dock at Dockton was later hung in the belfry of St Patrick's, Dockton. Now that the church is gone, it hangs in the harbor again.

I must admit Vashon is quite a cool place to live. But that commute....!

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