Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In the sacristy and beyond

We got to take a peek in the sacristy, too. This is a detail from the embroidery on one of the dedication vestments:

The bishop's vestry/private chapel includes a set of windows on episcopal themes, like this one:

And this one.

We had lunch at a Wisconsin burger place. Notice the trademark pickle-on-top-of-the-bun.

After that it was out to Prairie du Chien to see the oldest church in the diocese, St Gabriel's, which was begun under Father Samuel Mazzuchelli. In case you are wondering, Prairie du Chien is pronounced prayer doo sheen.

This little town was a close rival with La Crosse in the early days, and they really thought St Gabriel's would be a cathedral one day. It was not to be. Our guide said there is high unemployment in this area. Most people who have jobs work at Cabela's, 3M, or the pre-fabricated home factory. Sad.

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