Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A highly cultured day

Today we got a sneak peek at the St John's Bible. After Easter we are hosting an event about the creation of the Bible with a show-and-tell of a full-size facsimile.

It is full of amazing details.

Does the guy who is going to be presenting look like anybody else you know?

In the evening we went to Maria Stuarta at the Seattle Opera. 

Spoiler alert: Mary Stuart listened patiently to Elizabeth's invective for a long time. When Elizabeth accused her of murdering her husband, Mary just sat there glowering. But when Elizabeth went so far as to say Mary wasn't as pretty as she used to be, Mary had had enough. She called Elizabeth a "filthy whore" and said England's throne had been "desecrated" and was promptly imprisoned in the cupboard under the stairs. 


poodletail said...

The St. John's Bible is splendid, indeed. I'm holding out for the Maria Illuminated Bible. :)

Tootsie said...

The guy in the middle looks like Mr. Schutte! :)

Jerry Cronkhite said...

I think the presenter of the St John's Bible looks like Dr. James Savage.

lambiegroup said...

gorgeous Bible! But I agree with poodletail!!