Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day at the Cabin

The cabin is a different world with its own rules. There's no lunch. Instead there are leisurely breakfasts and early happy hours. The day flies by with crafts, cribbage, and movies.

One of the crafts was making Valentines with cut paper.

My repertoire is a bit limited. It ranges from Victorian heroines... Regency heroines.

My handmade trivet looks pretty good at dusk with a light behind it.

Valentine's morning began with French toast and David reading several new stanzas of the K and D love story in verse.

The poem had a very happy ending. David still has 25 years to write about, so there is plenty of material for future Valentine's days.

Thanks for a lovely weekend, K and D!

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Smith clan said...

Thank YOU (both) for making it a LOVE-ly weekend, dear C&M! We loved having you join us and sharing in "cabin time". x