Sunday, December 27, 2015

At the SAM

After Mass we went to the SAM to see the Impressionist show before it closes. 
A masterful representation of a kitty by Renoir.
Pointillations by Seurat:
To me that looks like a cat on the table in this Vuillard painting. As you move into the Expressionist end of the gallery, it gets harder to tell.
One of our favorites:  a Paris street scene on Bastille Day.
We also stopped in the contemporary art gallery.  Mesmerizing.
Some sort of crystal shaft art installation.
This large-scale painting of the Louvre is by Samuel Morse.  He was convinced that people would be lining up around the block to see it because each of the miniature paintings is an exact copy of a famous painting in the Louvre.  He was disappointed.  However, there were a fair number of people there looking at it today.


lambiegroup said...

actually, it's the Seurat that's a cat on a table....

Smith clan said...

Hmmmm....I'd prefer an afternoon in T&H's company instead.