Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

After Mass we drove down to Hillsboro to be with the Oregon branches of the family. The traffic was terrible and dreadful. We crawled all the way from Tacoma to Olynpia.  Then it took another two hours to get to Centralia because of an accident. The sun was slanting in our eyes, people were pulling over with overheated cars. After five hours in the car we finally arrived.

Dinner was lovely. Matt cooked and carved the turkey and Becky made all kinds of gluten and dairy free offerings.


Cash didn't like the electric carving knife.

After dinner our uncle Terry, who is a musician in Portland, played a few songs. It was awesome.

Aunties got to spend some quality time with Cash, though not nearly as much as they were hoping because of the %#*@$?! traffic.

He is such a cutie. Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving with your travel and family time in better proportions.

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