Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Frida's stuff

Frida had an amazing collection of exvotos which were a major source of inspiration. People had them painted to remember a miraculous rescue or other event in their lives attributed to the intercession of Mary or a saint.

Frida was absurdly creative. In addition to painting, she made an amazing puppet theater, for no particular reason. She also had an affair with Trotsky for no particular reason. 

Part of Frida and Diego's library.

Frida's fake leg. She had polio as a child and later survived a horrific tram accident. When she walked around town people would think she was the queen of something or ask her where the circus was. In both instances she would smile serenely and move on. When she had to have a foot amputated, she said, "who needs feet? I have wings."

Frida's sunglasses.

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