Friday, January 30, 2015

Quick trip to Hannibal

Brush Creek is just a few miles from Hannibal, where Mark Twain grew up. The town is now full of Mark Twain sites, shops and hotels named after Mark Twain, and allusions to books by Mark Twain.

Huck Finn's cabin:

In Mark Sawyer's bedroom. No wait, Tom Twain.

The boyhood home is on the right:

Someone left a bucket of whitewash and paintbrushes by the fence. "You TOM!"

Each year a Hannibal boy and girl are named the official Tom and Becky and have their portrait taken in costume.


Tootsie said...

I was a huge fan of Mark Twain, when I was younger. My parents even took me to Hannibal during one of our many road trips. I still have souvenirs from that trip!, thanks for the memories

Smith clan said...

He certainly grew up differently from how he raised his family in Hartford.

It's very fun to see these piccies; thank you for taking and posting them.