Thursday, November 27, 2014

More from Thanksgiving

It was great to see three of the amazing McDonell sisters together at Mass this morning.

They are really good with the poses.

Dinner was at Dana's this year. The shy little Z just hid her face in Auntie M's lap when she saw how many people were there for Thanksgiving.

On est servi.

Helping M play Wii skydiving after dinner.

Enjoying a really dull story about the first Thanksgiving which aunties bought at Plimoth Plantation many years ago in hopes of having a niece to read it to someday.
A sleepy girl looking for more olives in the cutest little red plaid dress you ever saw.

Not pictured: a cup of tea and a few rounds of 31 with the Smiths, the perfect ending to Thanksgiving Day.

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Smith clan said...

So many people and moments for which to be thankful! And, we're certainly thankful for you two!! x

P.S. Do you recall the name of the book from Plimoth Plantation? We're wondering if it's part of the series (about Native American and Pilgrim children at Plimoth) by Kate Waters. The girls always enjoyed those!