Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last stops

We ended up getting on an earlier flight home last night so I didn't have a chance to send the last few photos. We finished our tour of Stanford at the art museum. Young Leland Stanford was only 15 when he died, but he was already very interested in museums and intended to start one. There were some rooms dedicated to the family and to Leland's collections of antiquities, which include a tiny mummified crocodile. The museum also has a huge collection of Rodins and some lesser works as well, like the painting of a Greek maiden balancing a peacock feather on her finger. (The Stanford girls of today have no time for such frivolities.)

We also stopped by the Mission Santa Clara. It wasn't as impressive as the others, but still, it was lovely. There is a miraculous crucifix there. Witnesses saw Christ bend down to embrace a holy friar who was kneeling there in prayer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Goodbye to CA

Goodbye, sunshine! Goodbye, orange and lemon trees! Good luck on midterms and finals, C! Don't let the sunshine and orange and lemon trees distract you from your studies.

Last morning in Stanford

Christina took us up to see campus from "the dish" and then we stopped by the post office where there are lemon trees.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Self-portrait by Abbey

Tonight we had dinner with Nathan, Elizabeth, and Abbey. Abbey has only been living in the Silicon Valley for a few months, but she already knows her way around an iPhone.

At the de Young

Suzy told us about a Vermeer exhibit at the de Young Museum. It turns out the museum also has a free observatory with 360 degree views of San Francisco.

At the Palace of Fine Arts

The last time we were in San Francisco we happened upon this beautiful park. It was even more beautiful this time around.

In Sausalito

Where gas is $5 per gallon, and where the menu for $15 hamburgers includes suggested wine pairings.

Best view on earth

The view from the Muir Beach Overlook has to be in the top ten.

In the Redwood Cathedral

She's such a tree-hugger.

In Muir Woods

This is the forest primeval.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Christ the Light

The cute bear sits at Mary's feet. He represents the state of California. The same artist did the stations of the cross, which are really beautiful.

In Oakland

We went in to see the Cathedral of Christ the Light. We had seen it before, but now it's finished, with the organ in place. There were familiar faces in the vestibule of the Chancery, and cool birds on Lake Merritt.

Surfing lessons

It's already summer down here. People are surfing and walking in the sand in their bare feet. Where I come from, that means it's August.

Nuestra Señora

Interior decorating

Is this what they mean by "mission style"?

Mission #2

We went on to Carmel and the Mission San Carlos Borromeo. I like the crooked rose window.

In the garden

San Juan Bautista

We saw the gift shop kitty and some wonderful artworks. We also read a comic book history of Junipero Serra. The missions have quite the history.

A day at the missions

This morning we drove out into the sunshine and cacti to see the Mission San Juan Bautista.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Christina's new world

Here's Christina's Anglophile room in Flo Mo. I was amazed at the tidiness. Everything is in its place. My dorm rooms were never quite like this.

Flo Mo

One of the other Stanford places with its own nickname is Flo Mo, where Christina lives. That is short for Florence Moore Hall. When Florence Moore donated the money for a new dormitory, she had several conditions. One was that the closets be large enough for the girls to store their ball gowns. The other was that ice cream be served in the cafeteria at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The latter wish has been carefully honored by the students who live at Flo Mo to this day.

Beautiful Mem Chu

The chapel is full of beautiful windows and inspiring quotations by Mrs Stanford.

Mass at Mem Chu

There are lots of abbreviations at Stanford. Mem Chu is the Memorial Chapel where we went to the 4:30 Mass together.

Student art

One of Christina's classmates has her work on display in the art building. Her travel journal was pretty awesome.


We got the complete tour from Christina, who is studying at Stanford. We paused to take a picture with the Burghers of Calais, who happen to be in one of the many beautiful courtyards.

At Stanford

Stanford is stunning.

New leadership in San Francisco

There have been some significant changes to the doughnut policy.

At St Mary's

I know some people hate it, but I think the San Francisco Cathedral is pretty awesome.