Saturday, July 14, 2012

At Redcote

Today, we had a tour of Redcote, home of Patrick and Pauline.  Patrick's brother, a Kentish potter, made a beautiful medallion which hangs on the chimney. It reads, "REDCOTE."

In the back there were chickens named Jo, Beth, and Amy.  Roosters are not allowed within city limits, but you can have up to eight hens.  So civilized.

We peeked in at Meg, who was laying an egg. Collectively, the hens are known as "the little women."  They are buff orpingtons.

The chicken coop is surrounded by a lovely cottage garden with a tiny cottage in it.

Down some steps lined with daisies there is the amazing vegetable garden.  It goes on and on. You would never guess you were in Queen Anne just above Aurora.

I was tempted to take a bean but I didn't because the garden was so big and delicious-looking that it made you think of Peter Rabbit, and it doesn't end well for him, if you will recall. Patrick says he and Pauline manage to eat almost all their produce, but any extra eggs and vegetables are brought to the Cathedral Kitchen where Patrick has volunteered for years.

Farewell, Redcote! I just wish we had been able to see the inside. I suspect it was as amazing as the outside.

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Miss Nobody said...

This reminds me of another blogpost I saw somewhere recently. It's uncanny. But I suppose with all the billion blogs there are out there, we shouldn't be surprised if two of them happen to be exactly alike.