Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More photos of King Tut

The best thing about the King Tut exhibit was that you could bring your camera.  Here are some pictures (taken by M, of course).

This is King Akhenaton, who instituted a new form of worship and a new style of art.  He thought there was only one god. So far, so good.  The problem was that he thought the one god was the sun/himself.

If you can't discover King Tut's tomb, it would be nice to discover the tomb of a pyramid builder with a moustache, which is who this is:

An unfinished relief of a princess eating a duck:

And the big finale.  This looks like the famous one, but it's actually a miniature, only about a foot high.

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Smiths said...

We loved the "so far so good" comment!